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20.03.2024 - Insulation and Heat Pumps: The Perfect Pairing

What is Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a non-metallic, inorganic product manufactured from a carefully controlled mix of raw materials.

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Health & Safety

There are many myths and misunderstandings about the safety of mineral wool.

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Finished mineral wool products save far more energy in use than is expended in their manufacture.

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Energy Saving

Mineral wool insulation helps make your home warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to run.

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The benefits of using mineral wool

Mineral wool offers unparalleled ‘4-benefits-in-one’ products that meet ever more testing demands in terms of thermal, fire and acoustic requirements and environmental performance, both during use and when its whole-life impact on the environment is assessed.

Thermal insulation

Mineral wool provides excellent thermal insulation, which helps to restrict heat transfer through building envelopes, reducing the demand for space heating and cooling energy.

Environmental sustainability

Mineral wool insulation saves energy in use and reduces the need for combustion of fossil fuelsto provide energy for the heating or cooling of buildings.

Acoustic protection

Mineral wool absorbs sound energy, which means that it is able to improve the acoustic performance of walls, floors and roofs.

Fire protection

Mineral wool is non-combustible, so provides in-built fire protection and effectively contributes to the fire safety of buildings.

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An uninsulated solid wall can lose as much as twice the heat lost by an uninsulated cavity wall, but effective insulation solutions are available.

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Internal floor are generally either timber or concrete construction, and there are effective mineral wool insulation solutions for both.

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The requirement for greater energy efficiency in all types of building demands the installation of efficient insulation.

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It is industrial processes that ultimately present the most onerous conditions for building materials, and insulation in particular.

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Did you know that Mineral wools do not contain ozone-depleting or global warming substances, nor are these used in their manufacture?

Did you know that Mineral wool is the ideal fire protection material
since it is non-combustible?

Did you know that Mineral Wool has up to 80% recycled content
depending on the product?