The correct insulation of HVAC pipes and ductwork is extremely important. As well as minimising loss of heat from the gas or liquid being carried (and thereby reducing energy costs), the insulation is also there to protect liquids from freezing in pipework that runs outside and to minimise build-up of condensation.

In safety terms, the insulation often needs to be fitted to pipes carrying liquids at very high temperatures, so it is essential that the insulation is non-combustible and also offer protection to the same pipes in the event of a fire. Similarly, it must offer protection to people working close to hot or chilled pipework and at the same time protect the pipes/ducts themselves from damage.

And in many instances it also needs to be able to demonstrate acoustic reduction, minimising the noise carried along pipes and ducts.

In all these respects, mineral wool delivers exceptional performance and solutions can be delivered for any particular HVAC requirement.

The benefits of Mineral Wool

  • Value for money - more cost effective than any other material available
  • Environmental - uses recycled material, zero ODP & GWP, BRE Green Guide A+ to B
  • Fire properties - non-combustible and A1/A2 Euroclass fire rated - can withstand very high temperatures
  • Acoustic performance - excellent sound absorption minimise noise in pipes
  • Easy-to-fit - simple installation process, flexes around bends