Partition wall insulation

Partition wall insulation

Framed lightweight partition walls are used to subdivide a building, and will typically be constructed in either timber or metal stud.

In most instances, the key requirement for insulation in partitions is sound absorption in the cavity which improves the sound insulation of the wall: minimum sound insulation levels are now specified in Building Regulations for internal walls in residential properties, and standards are also laid down for schools and hospitals.

Thermal performance may also be a consideration in certain circumstances (e.g. when thermal zoning is required within a building), and there will also be instances when partitions need to meet specific fire performance ratings. In each case, the installation of mineral wool insulation within the partition will enable the required standards to be met.

Whatever the objective - acoustic, thermal or fire performance - correctly installed mineral wool will provide optimum performance.

The benefits of Mineral Wool

  • Value for money - more cost effective than any other material available
  • Thermal performance - compression fit minimizes gaps at joints
  • Acoustic performance - excellent sound absorption helps compliance with Part E
  • Environmental - uses recycled material, zero ODP & GWP, BRE Green Guide A+ to B
  • Fire properties - non-combustible and A1/A2 Euroclass fire rated
  • Easy-to-fit - simple installation process
  • Versatility of form - roll or batt to suit specific requirements