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  • Energy Efficiency is an Infrastructure Priority - Infographic

    The EEIG

  • MIMA Building Safety Guide - Insulated Façades

    In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, building owners have been seeking support in assessing the safety of their buildings. This guide provides information in respect to building façades, and includes details of A1 and A2 Euroclass rated non-combustible façade materials which meet the highest standards of performance in relation to re whilst also delivering on energy ef ciency.

  • WSBF roundtable ‘Post-Grenfell: Fire Safety in the Built Environment’ – 16th January 2018

    Post-Grenfell: Fire Safety in the Built Environment’

  • Frontier Economics: Affordable Warmth, Clean Growth

    Action Plan for a comprehensive Buildings Energy Infrastructure Programme

  • Party Wall Bypass

    We have produced a detailed technical document on how to eliminate thermal bypassing in party walls, which can be downloaded here.

  • MIMA: Who we are

    A quick guide to the Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association.

  • New Research on the Effect of Flooding on Mineral Wool Insulation Products

    New research conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) on behalf of the Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association (MIMA) reveals that mineral wool cavity wall insulation products perform well after being immersed in water under conditions of simulated flooding:

    • The mineral wool insulation products tested were undamaged by simulated flooding.
    • Traditional walls insulated with mineral wool were judged to recover their thermal performance without taking longer to dry out due to the presence of the mineral wool.
    • There was no increased risk of mould due to the presence of the mineral wool. The findings are relevant to policymakers, insurers, housebuilders, and have implications for guidance produced by government.

    Mineral wool insulation products perform at least as well as other types of insulation in flood prone areas, suggesting that government guidance dating back to 2007, which advises against the use of mineral wool, should be reviewed and revised.