Our Engagement


Supporting constructive change

MIMA has developed solid relationships with a wider range of stakeholders including Government, Parliament, the devolved assemblies of Scotland & Wales, local authorities, research institutes and other industry bodies involved in the effective use of insulation materials, energy saving strategies and the improvement of the built environment. 

MIMA is recognised for its contribution to a wide range of engagement and consultation exercises relating to buildings and the wider environment - including those involving building regulations, energy efficiency, sustainability, fire safety, acoustic performance and delivery schemes such as those to upgrade the energy performance of existing buildings.

MIMA is a contributing member to independent studies undertaken by the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (Eurima), supporting actions and initiatives undertaken by the European Commission with significant involvement with British, European and international standardisation work as well as chairing and contributing to numerous energy-related standards and programmes.

In summary, MIMA actively follows and contributes to the development of relevant policies, laws, regulations, standards, action plans, support programmes, incentive schemes, building and fire regulations at EU, UK and regional levels.

MIMA's current priorities include:

  • Actualise a sustainable, stable and confident marketplace.
  • Build consumer confidence through quality & standards.
  • Communicate the benefits of mineral wool insulation.
  • Drive the agenda to create an innovative, long term energy efficiency framework.