Our Background


The Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association

Established in 1962 (originally as ‘Eurisol’), the Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association (MIMA) provides an authoritative source of independent information and advice on glass and stone wool. MIMA actively promotes the benefits of mineral wool insulation and the contribution it makes to the energy efficiency of buildings and the comfort and wellbeing of their occupants.

MIMA's Vision:

The consumer is at the heart of our vision - to improve comfort, health, wellbeing and keep bills down in warm homes, better homes, homes fit for the future.

To realise this vision we must build strong consumer confidence and create a sustainable, confident industry with the highest quality and standards supported by a stable, innovative, long-term energy efficiency framework.

Working Together

MIMA has a growing role in drawing together other trade bodies and organisations to work together in partnership on major industry projects.

MIMA provides the secretariat to the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group (EEIG), a widely backed new British pan-industry group that supports the unequivocal need for a large-scale energy efficiency infrastructure programme and the largescale gains that energy efficiency can bring to the UK's economy.

Quality and Standards

MIMA also works to ensure that members play a full and positive role within the sector, advocating sustainable business practices, developing industry standards and promoting the application of best practice. 

MIMA and its members made a significant contribution to the Bonfield Review (Each Home Counts), recognising how vital it is for the industry as a whole to have a strong focus on quality in order to maintain consumer trust and reliable standards of service.

We are pleased to see some of the ideas we developed coming through into the final report and as the trade association representing the leading mineral wool insulation manufacturers in the UK, we will be closely involved in the implementation process going forward.

Robust Evidence Base

MIMA plays a valuable role in highlighting the abilities of mineral wool insulation to meet the increasing thermal, fire, acoustic and environmental performance requirements.

MIMA’s commitment to improving the built environment is demonstrated through the sponsorship of independent research and the development by its members of practical, robust and cost-effective mineral wool insulation solutions.