Statement on fire, public safety and the Buildings Regulations Review

Statement on fire, public safety and the Buildings Regulations Review

MIMA welcomes the review of Buildings Regulations but would like to see this review go much further and consider other potentially high occupancy buildings where speed of escape is likely to be constrained such as schools, hospitals and care homes and other high rise non-domestic buildings which appear to fall outside of the Building Regulations review Terms of Reference. 

 Building regulations must offer greater assurance of fire safe performance for occupants of both residential and non-residential buildings over 18 metres. The smoke toxicity of construction products must be tested, classified and labelled to provide important information to consumers and throughout the building chain. 

 MIMA is calling for a more prescriptive approach to product specification with a requirement that only non-combustible products (Euroclass A1) or products of limited combustibility (Euroclass A2) shall be used on the facades of high rise or high occupancy buildings. 

 A prescriptive approach should also be taken with other elements of the building including roofs (levels of requirements to be defined).



For further information, please contact:
Sarah Kostense-Winterton
Executive Director
Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association (MIMA)
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7293 0870

About Mineral Wool:

  • Mineral wool is non-combustible and does not fuel fire or propagate flames. 
  • Mineral wool contains no flame retardant chemicals and does not emit significant toxic smoke when exposed to fire.
  • Mineral wool in a building allows for improved fire safety.
  • Mineral wool for use in the UK construction industry is CE marked and subject to the applicability of this scheme.