MIMA comments on the Energy and Climate Change report on home energy efficiency and demand reduction

"Whilst the report recognises that policy changes in recent years have led to a degree of uncertainty within the energy efficiency market and subsequent job losses, we are ready to support DECC and the Secretary of State, Amber Rudd to realise this infrastructure recommendation working alongside colleagues in other Government departments to ensure that this important, long-term investment is made for our future and that we tackle fuel poverty head on.”

The ECC select committee report recommends:

  • Designation of energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority with the responsibility for the oversight of energy efficiency policies sitting with the newly established National Infrastructure Commission.

  • Implementation of an energy efficiency taskforce to publicly report on the Government’s progress towards achieving energy efficiency across the UK.

  • Development of a national framework to facilitate and support locally-led delivery of energy efficiency and empower local authorities.

  • Cross-departmental development of straightforward policy options such as using varied stamp duty and council tax rates and publish an impact assessment of these options.

  • Reconsideration of the Government's decision to use a supplier obligation to tackle fuel poverty and whilst a new supplier obligation is developed and consulted on that ECO should be extended in order to provide stability to the supply chain.

  • Improved wide-scale access to- and sharing of data to tackle energy efficiency and fuel poverty through a comprehensive national database to support the delivery of energy efficiency measures, supported by a clear timetable from government.

  • Working with industry to develop and publicise ‘roadmaps’ which set out and make clear what steps individual households can take to improve their energy efficiency.

  • Development of a national framework to facilitate, empower and support locally-led delivery of energy efficiency. 

  • Reinstatement by the Government of the zero carbon homes policy or a similar policy that will ensure that new homes generate no net carbon emissions.

The full committee report can be found here.