MIMA comments on Bright Blue’s Green Conservatism report

“It remains clear that our Government must make the energy efficiency of our homes a key national infrastructure priority if the Government is to deliver on its carbon emissions reduction commitments. The benefits are clear but crucially tick all the boxes of the government’s eligibility criteria."

Bright Blue’s report echoes what we have already evidenced - that there are definite benefits from this approach for the UK's economic growth including increased productivity, investment and employment as well as improving our homes and communities. Consumers will be protected in the long-term from energy price volatility, lifted out of fuel poverty and benefit from better health whilst the Government can finally realise their objective to make UK energy secure and provide an instant economic stimulus in the wake of the EU referendum.

The report’s recommendations to incentivise home energy improvements address both the weaknesses of previous policies and the current policy blackhole. Whilst clearly highlighting the mistakes made, MIMA is committed to moving on and focusing on future policy and delivering for the UK’s consumers.

Sarah Kostense-Winterton continues, "The policy mix in this report is extremely encouraging and most importantly is underpinned by two extremely important principles - a true understanding of fiscal realism and of boosting consumer demand. Along with such major investment, the economic stimulus will result in increased productivity and jobs and can only give certainty and confidence post Brexit. Along with the new ECO, the Secretary of State, Greg Clark, his ministers and new Government department, BEIS have an attractive package of policies set out in this new thought leadership report."