MIMA comment on the launch of Bright Blue's Green Conservatism project

“MIMA are proud to be partnering with Bright Blue on the new Green Conservatism initiative and welcome the Advisory Board, including prominent, “green” Conservative figures and leading conservative thinkers.

It has long been recognised that investment in the fabric of buildings and in their energy efficiency has a positive effect on economic growth by increasing productivity and attracting investment, as well as providing public goods and boosting employment in the construction and other sectors. Making the energy efficiency of our homes must simply become a key national infrastructure priority if the Government is to deliver on its carbon emissions reduction commitments. 

Within this context and with a cross-departmental focus, there has never been a more opportune time to take the lead and revamp energy efficiency policy. MIMA are looking forward to working closely with Green Conservatism’s team and advisors on new analysis and deliver a fresh approach to energy efficiency policy.”