MIMA Building Safety Guide launched

MIMA Building Safety Guide - Insulated Façades

Today, MIMA has launched its guidance on the assessment and design of insulation and/or cladding systems applied to the exterior of all buildings having more than three storeys above ground level.

Whilst guidance for building owners on fire has concentrated on high-rise domestic buildings, this guidance recommends that all mid- and high-rise (ie. 12m+) buildings should be reviewed, as well as all sensitive and high occupancy buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels and sports arenas, regardless of their height.

Additionally, whilst this guidance focusses on building façades, the guidance it offers is also relevant to other building aspects such as flat roofs and cavities which contain insulation materials. 

Sarah Kostense-Winterton, Executive Director of MIMA comments, "In the wake of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, building owners have been seeking support in assessing the safety of their buildings. MIMA's guide provides information in respect to building façades, and includes details of A1 and A2 Euroclass rated non-combustible façade materials which meet the highest standards of performance in relation to fire whilst also delivering on energy efficiency.”

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