Energy Secretary must focus on energy reduction to realise her objectives

Whilst the latter points were outlined as amongst the objectives of the Energy Secretary’s ‘reset' speech today, the focus was too heavily placed on increasing energy supply and too light on delivering energy effficiency.  

Success for the Energy Secretary could be so much wider by making our homes an infrastructure priority. We will see the return of a confident industry through investment and job creation across the UK. These benefits will be shared with government, boosting the wider UK economy through the regeneration of communities right across the country.  Most importantly the consumer will have a clear opportunity to bring bills down and keep their homes warm.

Sarah Kostense-Winterton, Executive Director at MIMA comments “We are encouraged to see her, quite rightly, targeting ECO on the fuel poor, however we know that we can deliver more than the 1 million energy efficient homes for the Energy Secretary. In fact this is a steep 78% reduction in the number of homes that received support during the last Parliament.

Let’s see Amber Rudd being more ambitious and let us help her, the Government and UK consumers deliver to keep their bills down and stay warm.”